We are Robert and Darlene Engleking, full time farmers and owners of Engleking's Country Beef Shop. The Engleking name has been associated with farming and dairy since 1937. Our farm is located in Eastern Hancock County where we currently raise livestock and grain. Together Robert and his father Roland steadily increased a milking herd of Holsteins. Along with the milking, they raised Holstein steers for meat production to be sold at the market. Crops were also raised in order to feed the livestock throughout the year. In 1996, the milk cows were sold and the focus of the family farm was to raise steers for meat and to continue to raise the crops in order to feed them. Even though the Holstein breed is a dairy breed we continued to raise them for beef production. Find out why. In addition to providing the highest quality all-natural beef, we also offer all-natural pork products. All of our pork is from the Berkshire breed which also provides a very high quality meat. 

About Us
In 2005 we wanted to share our products with others outside our family. By the spring of 2006, we started Engleking's Country Beef Shop to allow others to experience the high quality of Holstein beef and Berkshire pork. Since we have opened, we continue to pride ourselves on selling the best tasting and most tender meat available. Our animals are raised on grass pastures with full access to as much corn grown on our farm as they want. The pastures allow the animals comfort and natural grazing while the corn enhances flavor and tenderness. We are also proud to say that we raise all of the feed that our animals eat which ensures that they are not fed steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or bi-products from other industries. This allows our customers to continually enjoy our products without questioning the integrity or safety. In order to make sure our products remain of the highest quality and safe to our customers, our animals are processed at a state inspected facility. The beef are dry-aged in order to further develop flavor and tenderness. This process can take up to 2 weeks or more.
Besides offering individually wrapped cuts of beef and pork, we also offer other products that can be viewed on our Products and Prices Page. We offer all of these products from our farm to be enjoyed on your table.