Products and Price List


Filet/ Tenderloin$12.48 / 8 oz.

New York Strip $ 7.15 / 8 oz.

Ribeye     $ 7.68 / 8 oz.

Sirloin      $ 4.68 / 8 oz.

Cubed Steak    $ 6.00 / pkg.


Chuck Roast    $ 5.25 / lb.

Rump Roast     $ 6.95 / lb.

Other Beef

Ground Beef     $ 5.00 / lb.

Ground Beef Patties $ 5.50 / lb.

Beef Jerky$ 6.00 each

Summer Sausage    $ 6.00 each


Pork Burgers    $ 6.00 pkg. (4 burgers)

Pork Chops (Jumbo) $ 12.00 pkg (2 pkg)

Bacon      $ 6.29/ lb.

Sausage  $ 5.00 / lb.

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

Eggs purchased in shop   $3.00 / dz.

Eggs purchased at market$ 3.50 / dz.

Other Items

Beef Bones (varying sizes)        $ 2.00 - $ 6.00 each

*Prices are subject to change

LOW FAT PAK                           $60.00
2 pkgs. Cubed Steak (8 steaks)
4. Sirloin Steaks
1 pkg. Filet (2 steaks)
3 lb. Ground Beef

FAMILY PAK                                $185.00
4 Sirloin Steaks   
3 Chuck Roasts
3 pkgs. Cubed Steaks (12 steaks)
10 lbs. Bulk Hamburger
4 pkgs. Beef Patties (12 patties)
3 lbs. Sausage
2 pkgs. Pork Burgers (8 burgers)
2 ribeye

COOKOUT PAK      $ 88.00
3 lbs. Beef Patties (9 patties)
2 pkgs. Pork Burgers (8 burgers)
3 Smoked Pork Chops
2 NY Strips
2 ribeye
2 lbs. ground beef

One Quarter Steer                                                    $599.29
4 pkgs. Filet7 New York Strip7 Ribeye  7 pkgs. Cubed Steak
7 Sirloin Steaks  1 Rump Roast   4 Chuck Roasts      65 lbs. ground beef

A quarter steer is a definite pre-order only. You will save money in volume.

*Prices are subject to change.

All Beef Sampler Pak               $48.50
1 lb. ground beef
1 pkg. beef patties (3 patties)
1 pkg. cubed steaks (4 steaks)
1 chuck roast
1 ribeye
1 New York Strip
1 sirloin

COUPLE'S PAK                           $49.95
2 New York Strip
2 Smoked Pork Chops
3 lbs. Bulk Hamburger
2 lb. Beef Patties (3 Burgers)



We charge $1.75/lb. for the live weight of the animal.
Here are the approximate costs of a 1000 pound steer.

1000 lb. x $1.75 (live weight) = $1750.00

Processing Fee - $350.00 (Approximate)

TOTAL COST is $2100.00

Approximate packaged meat is 428 pounds

That's about $4.91/lb for all cuts.

If you are interested in only a half steer, we do that as well. Just divide  the above costs in half.


When you decide you want to purchase a steer, just contact us. We have steers ready usually year round. We will make an appointment with the processor. You will then contact the processor and give them instructions on how you would like your beef cut. (Example: How thick do you want your steaks, how many per package. What size roasts. Do you want your ground beef in patties or in bulk, or some of each. Your processor is very good at helping with this if you have never done it before.We will also be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.)

To enhance the flavor and tenderness of our beef,we dry age it for two weeks.

When they have the meat ready, the processor will call you.

We will mail you a copy of the weight ticket, at which time payment for the steer is due. You will pay the processor when you pick up your meat.

Now it's time to enjoy a freezer full of delicious meat. It is so convenient to go to the freezer and get what you want.This is a cost saving way to buy meat.

Prices are subject to change.

BEEF BUNDLE                            $195.00
2 ribeye                          
4 New York Strips
7 Sirloin Steaks
2 pkgs. Cubed Steaks (8 steaks)
2 Chuck Roasts
5 lb. Beef Patties (15 Patties)
10 lb. Bulk Hamburger